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Individual College Counseling
Sponsored by Decatur Education Foundation

For students at Decatur High School, Decatur, GA

Studying in Groups

We are currently accepting applications from 11th grade students (Class of 2025) at Decatur High School for the DEF College Counseling Program. Students selected for this program will work one-on-one with a professional independent college counselor from College Ave Consulting through the entire college search and application process, beginning in early 2024.


Who is this for?

The program is designed for students planning to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree after high school and who may need additional support beyond what high school counselors or families can give them, and who are likely unable to afford individual college counseling.


What does the program include?

Each student will be matched with a professional college counselor from College Ave Consulting. The counselor will work with each student through the full process of planning for and applying to college/university. This includes developing a college list, working through all aspects of the application (including reviewing all essays), planning for SAT/ACT testing, organizing and staying on top of deadlines, and providing advice on seeking financial aid and scholarships. 


What is the cost to students?

$0. Funding for this program is provided by the generous support of the McNally Family and the donors of the Decatur Education Foundation, so there is no cost for selected students.


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