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Comprehensive guidance through the college admissions process

We offer comprehensive consulting packages to guide students through the full process of applying to college. From developing a list of schools, to offering guidance on high school course selection and standardized testing paths, through reviewing and offering feedback on all applications and essays, College Ave Consulting works with each student based on his or her individual working style and needs.

College List Building

We get to know your student and help guide them to a final, balanced list of colleges, taking into account specific needs and considerations. Developing a list is an iterative process, and it helps to begin during the junior year.

College Application and Essay Guidance

Our counselors keep students on track to ensure that essays and applications are completed early, with plenty of time for review and revision. We work with students on essay topic development and provide detailed feedback on all applications and essays, making sure that our feedback does not get in the way of the applications and essays showcasing the student's authentic work.

A Resource for the Entire Family

The college application process can be stressful for students and parents, and questions will arise throughout the journey. We are available to help answer any questions that come up, and also to help facilitate communication among the family, when needed.

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